Revolutionary insights to customer shopping behaviour

Introducing Crunch Grocery Insights: Ocado’s new, pioneering data platform that will transform how we do business, together and separately. 

Powered by our expertise and industry-leading data, you’ll be able to use Crunch to access:

  • Full department data across all key metrics.
  • Customer shopping behaviour, not just for your own brands, but for all brands in your department.

Using Crunch, you’ll be able to optimise your brand strategies and maximise your return on investments. 

You’ll have access to a suite of dashboards tailored by department, giving you the flexibility to build the package that suits your business needs. 

Each level will include everything from primary sales data to whole category web analytics. The intuitive Crunch portal will guide you through the most useful insights and help you get maximum value from our powerful data.

Everything will be hosted right here at Crunch Grocery Insights.

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Revolutionary insights to customer shopping behaviour